How To Get ADS

Advanced Design System (ADS) is now available for download and installation on GWU-affiliated personal computers. An official GW NetID and password is required to access the network either through GWireless or SSL or remote VPN access.

Installing ADS for Windows

1. Click the "download" link above. You will be redirected to GWU Box-- log in with your GW NetID and password.

2. Right click on the .exe file and then click "Download". Run the .exe file once it has finished downloading.

3. Click "Next" to begin the installation and accept the license agreement.

4. Choose to install the "Complete" ADS package on your device and choose where you would like to install.

5. Click "Install"-- after installation, click "Done" to launch the license setup wizard.

6. Click "I want to specify a network license server".

7. Type the following in the License Server : [email protected]

8. Launch ADS by clicking "Finish" and select the first version, "ADS Inclusive", check the box "Always try to start Advanced Design System with this selection", and then click "OK".


If you have any questions regarding the installation process or connecting to the license server, please contact us.