Digital Signs News and Events Submissions

Welcome to the SEAS Digital Signs news and events submissions page. 

This page exists for SEAS faculty members, staff members, or students who wish to submit information to be displayed on the SEAS-controlled digital signs in the Science and Engineering Hall.  Please note: you must use your GW email ID to submit entries; email sent from all other email hosts (e.g., gmail, Hotmail, etc.) is automatically sent to a spam folder.

Please use the links below to submit your news and events. We request that you submit any event news at least seven (7) days prior to the event.  Your submission will then be reviewed by SEAS Computing Facility or SEAS Communications staff before it is posted.  If you have any questions about the submissions process, please e-mail us at [email protected].


I would like to submit news of:
An upcoming competition
A scholarship or fellowship opportunity
A research opportunity
An announcement of competition results/congratulations
A faculty member’s grant award/patent award
Other news


Please use the links below to submit announcements of SEAS-wide or departmental events, SEAS student organizations events, or engineering-related events.

I would like to submit an announcement of
A doctoral dissertation defense
A departmental or SEAS-wide seminar, colloquium, or lecture
A SEAS-related field trip
Other engineering-related event

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