Equipment Loans

We have a variety of computers and equipment that are available for faculty and staff to borrow for business travel, special events or emergency use. Please fill in the form to borrow the equipment. 

We can also use our expertise to help you purchase computers and other equipment

Dell Latitude Laptops

We have Dell laptops that run MS Windows 10 and come with all standard applications. Specific engineering applications must be requested. These laptops are recommended for resource intensive applications, but are not ideal for traveling due to their size and weight. They have an HDMI and standard VGA output, which can be used to connect to a projector.


Display adapters are also available for loan. 

Computing Facility Hours

Semester Hours

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Tompkins Hall

SEH1500: Mon-Fri: 7AM-10PM

SEHB2600: Mon-Fri: 9AM-5PM

Mon-Thur:  8AM-1AM

Fri: 8AM-10PM

Sat & Sun: 10AM-10PM