File Storage

All SEAS students, faculty and staff are assigned a home directory that can be used to store files. The home directory can be accessed from any of the lab computers as well as university-provided computers. If you're familiar with Linux, follow the commands to access your home directory through the SEAS Computing Facility shell server or through ssh/sftp/scp tools.

Quotas and Disk Usage

Your home directory is designed to automatically manage the amount of space each user can use at one time. The current quota setting is 3GB by default. To request an increase in your quota, please contact us for help.

File Backup and Recovery

We only provide protection for files on network drives. We cannot restore files deleted or damaged on an individual desktop. Read-only copies of all data, called "snapshots", are available for users to restore previous versions of a file. Snapshots are taken once a day and kept for three days.  If you create a file and delete it before the next snapshot is taken, it is permanently lost.

Restore Files

If you need to restore files, follow the instructions for the system you're using and then contact us if you need additional assistance.