Guidance on Remote Work for SEAS Faculty and Staff

March 14, 2020

Following up on the update from Dana Bradley, I would like to emphasize that the default for all SEAS staff and faculty should be to work remotely and to be prepared to do so from March 16th until at least April 5th. (Like the distance education plan, this timeline will be revisited by March 27th.) The only staff and faculty who should be on campus are those supporting essential operations that cannot be managed remotely - these people should already be aware of their status as "designated on-site employees". If you have questions about your status and if/how you should work remotely, please communicate with your supervisor. If you supervise faculty and staff, make sure you communicate with your teams about these expectations. As always, our number one priority is safety.

With respect to logistical issues, people who are not designated on-site employees should make every effort to stay away from campus. So for something like receiving package deliveries, we must explore delaying delivery, redirecting delivery, or working with delivery companies to leave packages in secure areas. If there is a critical package that must be delivered, received, and utilized at a particular time, please coordinate with your supervisor about a solution. Similarly, do not place any new orders unless it is time essential for a critical operation.

Thank you again for your commitment to the health and safety of our GW community!