High-Performance Computing

There are several research computing services available to SEAS researchers.

Colonial One High-Performance Computing

GW recently acquired and deployed a new shared high-performance computing cluster called Colonial OneThis cluster is managed by professional staff in the Division of IT, with university-sponsored computational staff in the Computational Biology Institute and the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences.

This implementation represents a partnership between the Division of IT and the university's academic and research organizations in response to current and developing faculty research needs. SEAS joined CCAS, SMHS, SPHHS, CBI and DIT on the Colonial One HPC initiative, significantly expanding computing resources for the Engineering School's researchers.

This investment will give SEAS researchers priority access on:

- 32 K20 GPUs
- 256 CPU cores
- 20 TB of storage for SEAS HPC users
- Access to a shared 250TB lustre file system

Support will be provided by the SEAS Computing Facility in collaboration with the HPC administration team in the Division of IT and the HPC community at GW. To request access for your research group, please contact us with the following information:

- PI name and netID
- Department
- Research group name
- Research group members and netIDs

Institute for Massively Parallel Applications and Computing Technologies (IMPACT)

IMPACT is an initiative on the Virginia Science and Technology Campus that is governed by SEAS research faculty and is working to establish an interdisciplinary academic excellence program in High-Performance Computing (HPC) that covers research, education and outreach.

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