IP (DHCP) Request

We manage IP address reservations for university owned assets in SEAS.  This form is used to request IP (DHCP) Addresses for SEAS Computers.

Machine Information:

This is the alphanumeric text on the blue and white barcoded sticker.
Please enter the host name for the machine.
Please specify the operating system of the machine. The operating system is usually Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux.
If you selected other, please specify.
This is the hardware address of the network card. This is needed in order to assign the address of the machine. Please see Finding the Location of the Mac Address for more information. Please enter using colons instead of dashes, e.g. "1A:2B:3C:4D:5F"
Please provide the location of the machine you are registering. If it is a laptop, specify the location on campus where your office or lab is located. A building and room number are required.
Please specify the function or purpose of the machine. Is it a research machine, or office computer?Will it be a web server? Will it be used to control special instruments? Please be as detailed as possible.
Is this a research machine? *
If this machine is in use by a graduate student or for research purpose, please select 'Yes'.
Please select your department in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
Please choose no by default if you don't know what this is.

Contact Information:

Please enter the name of the point of contact. This is the first person we will contact if we need more information or there is a security concern.
This is the point of contacts email address. Please use a university supplied email address.
Please enter the phone number of the designated point of contact.
If you are a student, or using the machine for research please provide the name of your advising professor.
If you are a student, or using the machine for research please provide the email of your advising professor.
Please add any other relevant information.
For SEASCF use only