The SEAS Computing Facility is constantly working on improving the services we provide for staff, faculty and students.   

Current Projects

We are currently working on several projects as below:

November 2015

  • Infrastructure
    • Digital Signage deployment
    • DNS services migration
    • SEAS Active Directory upgrade
    • Print services management
    • Active Directory integration for software subscription programs
    • Leave tracking system
  • Endpoint management
    • Support and transition to Windows 10, El Capitan, and RHL 7
    • Software self-service portal
  • Matlab Workshops
  • Security
    • SEH network security
    • Security awareness and compliance review in SEAS
    • SEAS domain file shares, users and groups audit
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Web Services
    • SEASCF Website updates with new SEH resources
  • Instructional Services
    • Lecture capture deployment in SEH studio labs
    • Tompkins 402, 405 and 407 renovations
    • Tompkins 201 Audio Video upgrade
    • Application list per computer lab
  • Research Services
    • Research Storage
    • Colonial One HPC support and onboarding
    • High Performance Workstations

September 2014

  • Backup and disaster recovery infrastructure
  • Software self-service portal

Completed Projects

We recently complete a large list of projects, including:

November 2015

  • High Performance Workstations launch
  • Colonial Cast Capture in SEH Studio Labs 1300/1400/1450
  • Renovation of Tompkins 406, now new DSS lab
  • Tompkins 411 computer lifecycle
  • Tompkins 4th floor Dry Erase hallway wall

September 2014

  • Colonial One High Performance Computing Access
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Colonial Cast Capture in Studio Lab 201
  • Apple computer management system
  • Life-cycle of computers in Tompkins 201, 405 and 410
  • Remote access to network shares and network licensed applications
  • SEAS CF Grid upgrade
  • Storage array life cycle
  • Tompkins Hall wireless upgrade
  • Transition to the university Colonial Printing
  • Turning Point Technology acquisition and deployment
  • VMware server farm life cycle

Future Projects

We have the following projects in our queue: 

  • Integration with the University Enterprise Directory
  • Windows 8 support
  • Mobile device management