Raoul Gabiam

Headshot of Director Raoul Gabiam
B2600A Science and Engineering Hall
[email protected]

Raoul Gabiam oversees the operations of the SEAS Computing Facility. He provides leadership and strategic partnership to enable efficiency, growth, and success and collaborates with research faculty and staff to deliver research computing as an IT service. 

Raoul Gabiam is a senior technology manager and leader who blends technological expertise, interpersonal skills and mission-based vision to improve efficiency and productivity in large, diverse, multi-departmental environments. He designs and implements sustainable centralized IT capability that reduces cost, eliminates duplication, and increases efficiency, scalability and agility, widely recognized for “get things done” approach while helping internal customers to define their vision and achieve their goals. Raoul is the builder of relationships of trust, collaboration, transparency and mutual respect, deeply committed to personal and professional development of self, staff and others.

Raoul is a two-time SEAS alumnus with BS in Computer Engineering and MS in Computer Science. Before joining SEAS in December 2012, Raoul spent a decade in the Division of IT and a few years in Academic Technologies and the Gelman Library.