Picture of Study Area in Science and Engineering Hall

SEAS Services

The SEAS Computing Facility provides several services to the Engineering School’s faculty, staff and students.

Instructional Services

We manage several computer labs that are available for SEAS faculty and students to use for teaching, coursework and research.  These include Windows, Mac, and Linux labs, as well as an innovative collaborative teaching lab (studio lab). The labs are equipped with the latest software and applications, making academic tools available for students. Our labs are available for use when classes are not in session.

Research Services

We assist our researchers with server hardware purchases, deployment and management, high performance computing services and offer storage and backups of critical data. 

Web Services

SEAS Computing Facility builds and manages websites for SEAS faculty and staff. The SEAS community including students also has exclusive access to SEAS Sites, a wordpress hosted platform for academic and research websites. All SEAS students, faculty and staff can request access to and build websites on the school's hosted platform

Technical Support

We provide technical support to our faculty, staff and students including, but not limited to operating system installation and management, application installation and configuration and hardware repairs.

We deploy all computers according to the university's security policy and standards. All computers are managed throughout their lifecycle to ensure that all security and operating system patches are regularly applied. We use our asset management system to automatically generate compliance reports, plan upgrades and push application installations remotely to speed up service requests. 


The SEAS Computing Facility partners with the Division of Information Technology to effectively create, consume and distribute information with minimal risk to confidentiality, integrity, availability and regulatory compliance. For more information on Security services please visit the Division of IT Security site.