SEAS Computing Facility provides members of the SEAS community with access to a remote shell that functions just as any other linux system and supports the most common linux commands. Students and faculty of SEAS can use shell to get remote access to files within their home directories on and off campus. If you are not on campus and not connected to the GW wireless network, you must use VPN to be able to remotely access the shell.

Using shell, users can:

- write programs using popular editors such as VIM or Emacs

- compile programs using popular compilers like GCC or jdk

- access Matlab (both the GUI and command line version)

- run code on the computing grid.

- access their home directories

Command Line Access

The Linux shell server can be accessed via ssh with the command:

  • ssh userID

Load Modules

To check which softwares are installed, please use the command:

  • module avail

To load the software module, for example matlab r2015b, please use the command:

  • module load matlab/r2015b

File Transfer

The same method can be used to copy files off of the system using scp or sftp. Scp works in the same manner as cp on the Linux command line, while sftp provides a basic interface, similar to ftp. Use these commands:

  • scp filename userid
  • scp userid filename
  • sftp userid

Computing Facility Hours

Semester Hours

Science & Engineering Hall

Tompkins Hall

SEH1500: Mon-Fri: 7AM-10PM

SEHB2600: Mon-Fri: 9AM-5PM

Mon-Thur:  8AM-1AM

Fri: 8AM-10PM

Sat & Sun: 10AM-10PM