Solidworks Student License

Solidworks is now available for download and installation on both university owned and personal computers.

How to Get Solidworks

Solidworks is already installed in the Computing Facility labs. If you need assistance using the software in our labs, please contact us for help.

An activation key is required to install Solidworks. To request an activation key, please follow these steps:

1.  Fill out the Student Access Form at the Solidworks website. Filling out this form will allow you to download Solidworks.

2. For the SEK-ID, use "XSEK12"

3. Check Yes for "I already have a Serial Number that starts with 9020"

4. For the version, select 2018-2019

5. After downloading this, please contact us to request the license key to activate the software. 

How to Get Certified in Solidworks

SEAS is able to provide certification vouchers for Solidworks. The directions to apply are below:

  1. Go to and click on the “CSWA Provider Application” link.
  2. Complete the web application.

School Name
School Address
School Website URL
SolidWorks License Number
Contact Name
Contact Email
Contact Telephone Number
Your SolidWorks Reseller
Proposed Date to give the CSWA Exam
Proposed number of students to take the CSWA Exam

  1. This form is then reviewed by SolidWorks Education and SolidWorks Certification departments to validate the application (including the requirement of the school to be current with their subscription service)
  2. Upon approval, the Certification department will create an online testing account for the contact person, based on their email address, and issue a set number of complimentary CSWA exam credits.  These credits must be converted to ‘vouchers’ by the contact person then individually distributed by the contact person to each student on test day.  The contact person will receive an email from indicating their login credentials.
  3. Please contact us to receive voucher information for the exam portion.