Sonnet Module

Sonnet Module License Qty.
Project Editor (xgeom) – Editing geometry and netlist projects for the Sonnet environment 5
EM Analysis Job Queue Utility (EMStatus) - EM job queuing and job status monitor Unlimited access
High Performance EM Analysis Engine (emhighperformance) – 3D planar EM analysis engine for use on up to 32 cores (processing threads) 1
Current Density Viewer (emvu) – Display and animate current and charge densities computed by Sonnet 5
Far-Field Pattern Viewer (patvu) – Compute and display far-field radiation patterns for antennas 5
Response Viewer (emgraph) – S-,Y- and Z-parameter plotting utility Unlimited access
GDSII File Translator (gds) – Import and export of Sonnet designs to/from GDSII format 1
DXF File Translator (dxfgeo) – Import and export of Sonet designs to/from DXF format 1
Agilent ADS Interface (ebridge) – Seamless interface for translating ADS layouts to Sonnet Projects and S-parameter import from Sonnet to ADS 1


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