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If you need technical support, access to specific software or have a question or request, send an email from your GWU email address to [email protected] to submit a ticket for assistance

Colonial One Account

Please fill out the Colonial One account request form to in order to request an account for this server.

DHCP Registration

Please fill in the DHCP request form to register equipment with us.

SEAS Account

Please fill out the SEAS account request form.

Digital Signs News and Events

To add any news or events to the Digital Signs displayed in SEH and Tompkins, please submit a request here.

Equipment Loan

Please fill in the loaner request form to borrow equipment.

Reserve a Lab

Please fill in the reservation request form to reserve a computing lab. 

Software Request

Please fill out the software request form if you would like specific software installed on your SEAS or personal machine. If you need software installed for a lab or specific room, please fill out the lab software request form


Computing Facility Hours

Semester Hours

Science & Engineering Hall

Tompkins Hall

SEH1500: Mon-Fri: 7AM-10PM

SEHB2600: Mon-Fri: 9AM-5PM

Mon-Thur:  8AM-1AM

Fri: 8AM-10PM

Sat & Sun: 10AM-10PM