3D Printers

SEASCF has 3D printers for students and faculty to use for projects and as part of their curriculum. The available hardware includes:

The Makerbot and Stratasys 3D printers are located on the fourth floor of Tompkins Hall in the SEAS Computing Facility. There is no charge to use the 3D equipment, but they are limited to academic and research projects only. You are required to send your file via email to [email protected] along with the project information and faculty you are working with to use the 3D printers. This information is required to minimize waste as well as help scheduling the use of the equipment. The maximum dimensions and plastic type can be found here:

Printer Max Dimensions (LxWxH, in) Available Plastic
Makerbot Z18 11.8 x 12 x 18 PLA
Makerbot 5th Generation 11.6 x 7.6 x 6.5 PLA
Stratasys F170 10 x 10 x 10 PLA, ABS, ASA

Please note that the Stratasys F170 printer is reserved for projects over "4 x 4" in size and those that require a higher resolution. All printer requests on the Stratasys F170 will be completed using PLA unless otherwise specified. 

Please check these requirements below prior to submitting any print job:

First, your model must be saved as an .stl file from your CAD software (exported from Pro/E, AutoCAD, etc.)

Object dimensions should be the approximate perimeter dimensions of your object if it were a rectangle. For example, if your object is a sphere with a diameter of 4milimeters, you should write 4X4mm. This is to make sure the object’s correct size is maintained.

Colors: natural, black, white, cool gray, translucent red, blue, green, orange
Make sure to attach your stl file.


Once we receive your printing request, the model will be prepared for printing. A staff member will respond with the estimated printing time and when the model should be finished and ready for pick up.

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