Remote Access to Labs

The SEAS Computer labs are available remotely to students, faculty and staff. When accessing the labs remotely, please connect to the GW VPN first. This allows you to access resources restricted to the GW campus even when you are remote. 

Remote Desktop Access to Windows Labs

*please connect to the GW VPN first

How to virtually connect to the SEAS Windows Computer labs

From a Windows Machine (pdf)  From a Mac (pdf)


Remote Desktop Access to MacOS Lab

*please connect to the GW VPN first

How to access the MacOS computer lab

 From a Windows Machine (pdf) From a Mac (pdf) 

Video – Coming soon! 

SSH Access to Linux Lab

*please connect to the GW VPN first

How to access the Linux computer lab via SSH

PDF Document 

video – Coming soon! 

Virtual Linux Lab

*please connect to the GW VPN first

SEAS provides a web-based virtual Linux lab for faculty and students. This lab provides a fully functional Linux desktop environment delivered through a web browser. Students and faculty can use the virtual lab from any web-enabled device if they need access to a Linux system. The lab runs Centos 7 with a GNOME desktop environment and users can log in with their GW NetID and password.

Linux Virtual Lab

  1. Connect to the GW VPN first. 
  2. Click on the hyper link. Linux Virtual Lab or Linux VLSI virtual lab . While both linux virtual labs are identical, the Linux VLSI virtual lab is reserved for those using VLSI. 
  3. Log in with your GW NetID and Password
  4. Click “Launch Session”
  5. Select “Gnome”
  6. Click “Launch” 

    *Inactive sessions are automatically logged off after 90 minutes.

How to connect to the SEAS virtual Linux labs